Craiganour Estate

Stag hunting Scotland

Stag hunting Scotland

Stag hunting Scotland

Excellent stag hunting Scotland on a vast 21,000 acre Highland estate.

Few countries, if any, have become so synonymous with stag hunting as Scotland. And rightly so given much of the terrain of the Highlands and the fact that so much of this landscape is managed with deer hunting in mind.

At Craiganour Estate we offer excellent stag hunting and as good as anywhere else in Scotland, but what sets us apart from many other estates is the quality of the accommodation we offer at Craiganour Lodge. This spectacular property, which is located close the north shore of Loch Rannoch in Perthshire, was originally built in Victorian times and its exterior still has this obvious grand splendour. However, the interior of the lodge has been entirely refurbished and reflects a contemporary and highly stylish design principle.

Stag hunting for red deer

All our stag hunting Scotland is for red deer, with the season being from 1st July through to 20th October. Our stalker will always be with you for any trip into the hills, and this ensuring his expert knowledge helps with the success of the trip and also to ensure it is safe and the right animals are targeted.

If you're planning a stag hunting trip to Scotland for a group of friends or business colleagues, then Craiganour is ideal because the lodge can sleep up to eighteen guests in 9 king and twin bedrooms (all the twin rooms can be changed to king if needed). And staying at Craiganour gives you all the freedom and privacy you'd expect from the exclusive letting of a large and luxurious lodge, but also some of the benefits you'd enjoy in a hotel as all meals are prepared for you and the housekeeper takes care of everything else.

Depending on availability, we can often accommodate groups wanting to go stag hunting that aren't staying with us at Craiganour Lodge.

So for perfect location for stag hunting Scotland and to stay in luxurious lodge with family, friends or colleagues, Craiganour is ideal.


To book at stay at Craiganour Lodge, please contact us.